"Every case I take is given compassionate, thorough, and vigorous representation with one goal in mind - justice for prisoners."
- Charles Carbone



Charles Carbone, Esq. is an attorney practicing in California dedicated to fighting for prisoner rights and human rights for California prisoners and their families.

Charles represents prisoners in California's worst prisons on conditions of
their confinement including:

  • Parole Hearings for Life Inmates

  • En Banc and Rescission Hearings for Life Inmates

  • Appeals of Parole Denials

  • State and Federal Appeals of Criminal Convictions

  • Civil rights, visiting issues, and custody issues

  • Appeals of Rules Violations

  • Clemency and pardon applications before the Governor

  • Sentencing modifications


Charles is personally and professionally dedicated to championing the rights
of prisoners in the state of California.



Understanding the basics

Pointers and self-help hints on how to properly litigate a prisoner rights case.

know the law

Understanding the law

Here is my attempt to help prisoners, their families, and their supporters know the legal rights of prisoners.

legal victories

Justice for the prisoners

Compassionate, vigorous, and thorough representation.


Charles regularly publishes a newsletter on parole issues.

Below are previous issues of Parole Matters Newsletter published by Charles Carbone, parole and prison rights attorney for California inmates.

For California life prisoners, their families, and supporters



In this edition of Parole Matters, we explore the topic of Remorse and How to Prepare an Effective Letter of Apology.


2011 Article on Sentencing Enhancements

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Sample protest letter for proposed lifer psychological evaluations 2010-2011


— Greg N.

"You have given me my life back and nothing I can say or do will even be enough to properly thank you!  I believe God put you in my life for a reason.  I know that the outcome would not have been the same if I did not have you on my side." 



Charles Carbone, Esq.
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Telephone: 415-981-9773
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